(IM)POSSIBLE BODIES is an interactive virtual experience about cyborgs, data and artificial intelligence. It offers a digital voyage of discovery through augmented realities with (ro)bots, 3D artworks and avatars that meet in a comprehensive, shared and sensory online experience. Visitors enter the online festival using a laptop and an app, bringing works of art to life and even becoming part of them.

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Together with more than 30 participating designers, hackers and artists, (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES researches the question: What kind of cyborgs do we want to become? Because we have long been cyborgs! Implants in and improvements to our body are the new normal. And we are actually already fused with our mobile phones.

As a visitor of (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES you will have the opportunity to actively be in the shoes of a cyborg and reflect on what being cyborg actually means. Do you realize you’ve long been a cyborg? Are we going to propagate perfection as the new commodity? What is a “normal” body? Is a standard even desirable, and what are the alternatives? Do algorithms and artificial intelligence help, or are diversity and inclusion at risk again? How can we accept imperfection as a hallmark of humanity?

Reinvent yourself and the other during this physical and online exhibition experience, and think about what your body means and will mean in the near future.

(IM)POSSIBLE BODIES is a sequel to ROBOT LOVE – also from the Niet Normaal INT Foundation – which was a great success in 2018 during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Stichting Niet Normaal INT

The aim of the Niet Normaal INT Foundation is to develop experiential exhibitions at the interface of design, art and technology, with the ambition to initiate social discussions, to mix audience groups and to contribute to a liveable world.

Director Ine Gevers previously organized Ik + de Ander. Art and the Human Condition and accompanying book Voorbij Ethiek en Aesthetiek, Niet Normaal · Difference on Display, 2009-2010; Ja Natuurlijk · How art saves the World, 2013; Hacking Habitat · Art of Control, 2016 and ROBOT LOVE, 2018. www.nietnormaal.nl

Future of Work

In 2020, the Future of Work (FOW) Foundation was established as a subsidiary of Niet Normaal INT and SPARK Maker Zone. FOW links applications in the field of robotization and AI to the future of work. Every year FOW organizes a festival in the last week of October in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. FOW festivals exist at the interface of design, art, music and technology. www.fow.nu