Rent Cantina – our virtual hangout

What is Cantina virtual hangout?

The Cantina is a Second Life-like environment that can be visited online via www.impossiblebodies-experience.nlIt offers visitors the opportunity to safely meet each other as avatars and share their experiences with the (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES community.

How does it work?

After entering, you step into the avatar body of a futuristic creature whose face is formed by your own webcam image. Visitors can walk around this spatial environment to talk and socialize with each other.

Interactions in the Cantina erase the zoom session fog from your head, offering new experiences. 

Here you can network, develop new skills and discover many possibilities, including coming out as a cyborg with friends and colleagues.

Would you like to rent a cantina for a private session?

If you want to organize a group session in the Cantina for training purposes or a staff party, you can reserve a time slot. Private Cantina sessions can accommodate up to 25 guests. Request the rates from Ismay Rentenaar: via cantina@impossiblebodies.nl.