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Ali Eslami & Mamali Shafahi


(Iran/The Netherlands, 2019/2020)
Virtual Reality film

Duration: 20 min.
Location: virtual environment

nerd_funk - Ali Eslami Mamali Shefani

In the current climate of the Internet we have reached an irreversible state in our social lives, inherently altering the way we think and comprehend our reality. It’s a situation we have all dived into; we float, yet struggle to find ourselves in it. To investigate this phenomenon and allow others to investigate it with us, the artists Ali and Mamali created a virtual identity called nerd_funk, a collective formed by its creators, existing on Instagram, and following the contemporary digital culture. In this chapter-based VR installation, users will explore the new reality that has emerged out of social media.

nerd_funk is the winner of the Golden Calf for Best Interactive 2020 (VR experiences, installations and multimedia productions) by The Netherlands Film Festival.

For (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES the artists added a third chapter to the VR installation, see the teaser online.

Audience: Adults
Accessible for people with hearing and visual impairments.


Music and sound: Shahin Entezami
Technical assistant: Arnaud Schmitt
3D artist: Guillaume Roux / Fishflight Entertainment
Animation and rigging: Fishflight Entertainmen