We are already cyborgs

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We are already cyborgs

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207, 2020

Mire Lee

2020-10-16T13:47:03+00:00Made of only hearts (South Korea / The Netherlands 2020)

Sonic installation and mixed media work about sensitivity to pain and how this inevitably goes together with negative associations.

307, 2020


2020-10-16T14:19:35+00:00Panspermia (The Netherlands and Germany, 2019)

Short film about the scientific hypothesis that human DNA evolved from extraterrestrial material.

407, 2020

Paul Segers

2020-10-16T14:29:15+00:00Future Artifacts - The Perfect Crime (The Netherlands, 2019)

Six drone sculptures from the future compel us to reflect on this time.

607, 2020

Valerie Daude

2020-10-16T14:41:00+00:00Microbial Self (Germany, 2019)

Interactive facial prostheses provide insight into microbial diversity and activity in our gut.


807, 2020

Héctor Zamora

2020-10-16T15:05:34+00:00Memorandum (Mexico, 2017/2020)

Monumental AR sound experience about lost mechanical activity, usually associated with the female sex.